Our Referral Offer

Professional Introducer Network (PIN) is a referral marketplace.

This concept encourages business that benefits all. It puts you in control of how you network, where you network and who you network with.
We want to encourage referrals, so we felt it was right that we had our own offering, here it is…
When our members refer another business to us who subsequently join the PIN directory, we will donate 10% from the fee for their first year of membership to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.
Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity is very close to my family’s heart, without their help there would be a huge void in our family.
They believe that there is always more that can be done for the sick children that they care for, they strive to do more for their patients and their patients’ families. Their mission is to raise the vital funds needed to make a real difference to all who use the hospital’s services, offering the best experience possible at difficult times.

We would love to use PIN as an opportunity to give back to brilliant causes like this via our referrals offers.
For more information regarding Professional Introducer Network, contact us today.

01536 628588

For more information about the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity go to https://www.bch.org.uk