Why We are Different

The Problem With Traditional Networking

• It takes too much time.
• There is no incentive for people to give you business because they are all there looking for business for themselves.
• You have to join a group and attend regularly.
• The time meetings are held can be inconvenient.
• You get nothing other than “Thanks” for giving a referral and sometimes not even that!
• The cost to be a member of most groups comes to around £1,000 a year.

That means that you have to earn an extra £1,000 before you are in profit.

The professional introducer network is different

We all want products and services. We all make recommendations. Now you can get paid for that activity. Your membership includes:

1. Member events
2. One to one meetings arranged at a time that suits you
3. An additional income stream through giving referrals
4. Your own profile page on our member exclusive directory. 

All of this for the equivalent of £1 a week.

Our Directory is for the exclusive use of members. You can include all your business and contact details. Most importantly you include the incentive that you are willing to give for successful referrals.