282 Bananas, 3kg of Coffee, an MOT for your car with a drink whilst you wait, 1500 post-it notes, 832 Weetabix, 6.76 Kg of Chocolate (my favourite), 13.94 Litres of Pink Lemonade, 3700 paper clips (multi-coloured)

Or you can buy into annual membership of Professional Introducer Network.

You get the picture there’s a lot of items that you can buy for £52, but how many of those things will add real value to your life, and to your business.

Annual membership to Professional Introducer Network provides many benefits.

Most of us have £1 spare a week; whether in your pocket, purse, bank or even down the back of the sofa. Would you prefer to put that £1 to good use by using it to effectively market your business, receive new business leads and generate an additional income stream.

Professional Introducer Network is a referral marketplace. All members are listed in our online exclusive directory where contact details and ‘referral offers’ are displayed. From there you can contact members to organise personal meetings at convenient times where a ‘know, like and trust’ relationship can be formed, and new business leads passed.

How would you rather spend your £52?

Join us today and enjoy a new way to do business.