We all know the saying… If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no – Nora Roberts

But do we always act on it?

Surveys show that 68% of consumers only left local businesses a review when asked, this shows people are more likely to do something if they are told to.

And with only 18.6% of salespeople asking every customer they interact with for referrals, there is no doubt in my mind that businesses are massively missing the most simple sales tip.

Having a referral program banner, promotions, email campaigns etc. are not always enough. Sometimes it takes that back to basics, belly to belly chat, asking for a recommendation.

To ask for a referral in the right way, follow these basic steps:

  • Control

Who is your target market/when will they need your products and services? If you would like your customers to refer to you, be specific about the type of client you’re interested in; otherwise you will end up with a lot of ‘confetti’ referrals which will not be of benefit to you/your business.

  • Make sure your customers know how good you are

You do not want your customers selling for you, but you do want them excited about your business and confident that you will provide their friend/family/colleague with an excellent service, make sure you support them and maybe even reward them to maintain that good impression.

  • Take action

Do not wait to ask someone for a recommendation or referral, if they do not have someone straight away, maintain the relationship you have built with them and keep yourself prominent in their mind, should someone in the future ask if they know a good plumber, accountant, graphic designer etc. Your name should instantly be said.

Ultimately, the best way to increase referrals and so sales, is to simply ask.



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