How it works

Membership to Professional Introducer Network has a fee of £52 per annum. Word of mouth i.e. Referral is acknowledged as one of the very best ways to generate new business. We all recommend something or someone we like but we rarely get paid for that recommendation. The Professional Introducer Network has changed all that. For just £1 a week (paid annually) you can join a network of great businesses who will pay you for your introduction. You will have a profile on our directory which promotes your business and where you can describe the reward you are prepared to give for a successful introduction. By successful, we mean an introduction which results in new business. The reward can be in cash or in kind – you decide. You will have access to the contact details of all other members as well as the opportunity to attend social events to help create the initial point of contact between members. You can fill in all your details online – just click the link below. We will review your entry and then we will make your details live in our directory. If you have questions which are not answered here please use our contact form and a member of our team will contact you.

You can earn in two ways

You get paid for the successful introductions you make. You get new business from the successful introductions you get.

Why not come to one of our events?

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Each month we showcase one of our members.

This month’s featured business is “Marketing Like Magic”

Please visit their site.


“I see this as a great way to promote my brewery

I have already made so many new contacts. Fantastic!”

– Bogdan Vujnovic – Artisan Brewer Reviews

“An excellent additional income stream for my business.”

– Stephen McEachran – Roofing Specialist Reviews

“At last a way to ensure that givers really do gain.

Thank you PIN!”

– Simon Hudson – Financial Planner Reviews

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